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Eight times out of ten, all your paint work really needs is a good clean!
It’s true; most of the time all your external paint work really needs is a good clean to reveal its original colour and beauty. Time after time our clients cannot believe the difference our exterior house washing makes to the appearance of their homes, particularly if they are cladded. Aqua Fresh Cleaning use a solution that is unique to your home’s requirements. When performing a generic house wash, Aqua Fresh focuses on the areas that matter! Gutter externals, down pipes, facia, eaves, window surrounds, and screens all suffer the dreaded cobwebs, and mud wasps nests; for those who live in a leafy suburb, those beautiful trees will discolour everything within 40 metres of their surroundings. For these drawbacks, consider how our controlled pressure cleaning solution can restore the original look of your home.

Because houses are made from a variety of products and finishes, Aqua Fresh Cleaning provide a variety of House Washing Services such as pressure washing brick, rendered, or concrete homes. Other types of homes such as timber, weatherboard, cladding, and panel homes require a softer approach and often a combination of high pressure, soft wash and pure water system is required to truly clean and detail your home.

Aqua Fresh first assess the situation and then provide solutions that suite your requirements. We understand we are being trusted with your palace and we treat it as such.

We are happy to provide a breakdown of each phase of the house wash and happy to do the job in stages as your budget permits. Call us now for a free consultation.

We use a Low-Pressure cleaning method when washing the exterior of your home called Soft Washing to ensure no damage to the surface. We make sure that we use the right pressure and clean at the proper distances to achieve the best results possible. In our opinion, as well as most professional companies in the industry, you’re going to clean a driveway with a much higher pressure than the outside of your home. Exterior surfaces of your home get exposed to sunlight, rain, wind and much more as well as those unsightly by products of today’s world such as car and jet exhaust. Your home’s exterior collects these pollutants, and they take their toll on your home’s exterior over time. If not taken care of they can destroy the beauty and reduce the value of your property. We’ve seen the results the friendly neighbour with a pressure washer or a home owner that went out and rented equipment. The misuse or excessive pressure can cause significant damage to any exterior finish such as paint, vinyl siding or weatherboard.

Since we use low-pressure methods when cleaning the exterior surfaces of your home, we eliminate the risk of permanent damage. When getting your House Washing, it is a perfect time to add other services you may want that we offer such as roof cleaning, driveway cleaning, patio or pool deck cleaning. We have special pricing that will save you money when booking other services to go along with the house washing. We use state of the art hot water pressure washing equipment. Aqua Fresh Cleaning have trained technicians to provide you with excellent quality and service to your complete satisfaction. Types of exterior surfaces we run into listed below.

Exterior surfaces:


Call Aqua Fresh Cleaning at 0434 126 852 for a free quote and schedule your house washing today! A unique, environmentally safe, a chemical solution is lightly sprayed on your home’s exterior which eliminates culprits like mould, mildew, and algae, all of which hurt the exterior of your home and surface. We would love to help you any way possible or answer any questions you may have regarding the service or services we offer.

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