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Soft Wash Tile Roof Cleaning
Aqua Fresh Cleaning is the leader in soft wash roof cleaning in Sunshine Coast & Brisbane. Those Ugly Roof Stains are caused by an growth called Gloeocapsa
We at Aqua Fresh Cleaning are here to help you not only clean your tiled roof the safe way but to save you money as well. Our time proven process has cleaned 1000’s of roofs and counting. We have a specially blended solution that is designed to treat and kill the growth that is growing on your roof.
Pressure Cleaning a tiled roof can cause long term damage. Let’s approach this as an infection rather than a stain.

Never pressure clean a tiled roof! Pressure cleaning an tiled roof can damage the tile paintwork, potentially wash away large amounts of roofing granules and does not solve the problem. A dirty looking roof is suffering from an infection of algae, moss and/or lichen. We must achieve a 100% kill ratio on every cell of algae and every root of moss. Anything less than a complete sterilization is an attempt in vein, like going against a doctors recommendation and taking less than a fully prescribed treatment of antibiotics. We all know what happens if we don’t complete a full bottle of prescribed antibiotics. We get sick all over again and the infection comes back worse and more resistant.

Our exclusive Low Pressure Soft Wash Roof Cleaning method uses very low water pressures and superior cleaning detergents to gently remove any debris, discolorations from your roofing without exposing it to force. With soft washing, our team can take the detail-oriented approach needed to restore your roof to a “like new” condition.

Types Of Roof Growth

Algae are plants or plantlike organisms that that trap light from the sun and thrives in our warm and humid Queensland weather. This algae growth causes a dark discolouration on your roof and is brownish black in colour, which results in a streaked and dirty looking roof. Although algae does no damage to your roof, it’s mostly an aesthetic nuisance; however, over a period of time the moisture retained in the algae can prematurely age and damage your roof and paintwork. Algae travels through the air and the growth starts out as a spore that lands on your roof, seeds itself, germinates, and then blooms. As it blooms, it spews off more spores and the process goes on and on. The good news is that algae growth can be removed with our soft wash process which can save the life and the premature ageing of your roof. Aqua Fresh Cleaning offers algae roof cleaning removal as part of our roof cleaning services process.

Moss is dark green in colour, is thicker than algae, holds more water, and also grips into the surface of your roof. It is a very unsightly typical growth which also collects dirt, debris, and other growths that land on your roof that can also take root. As moss grows, it layers on and between the layers of your roof. If left untreated and neglected, it is very possible that your roof will need to be replaced prematurely, thus drastically shortening your roofs lifespan as the result of moss damage. Fortunately, for you the homeowner, removing moss is a fairly simple task when done properly, it will keep your roof weather-tight and looking great. Aqua Fresh Cleaning Services offers moss roof cleaning as part of our roof cleaning services process.

Lichen is a combination of algae and fungus and is usually light green to mint green in color. It is most commonly found on tree trunks, has a very strong root system and when transferred to your roof, it feeds on the surface of your roof. As the growth feeds on the roof, it will cause severe damage to your roof eg. staining, rusting, damaged paintwork. This can lead to your roof to become weak and damaged longterm, thus leaving you with premature loss of life to your roof. We recommend trimming overhanging tree branches to reduce the shade that might be keeping the surface of the roof damp enough to support the growth. The good news is that lichen growth can be removed with our soft wash process which can save the life and the premature ageing of your roof. Aqua Fresh Cleaning Services offers lichen roof cleaning removal as part of our roof cleaning services process.

Periodic pressure cleaning helps.

Extend the life of your paint
Protect your biggest asset
More cost effective than a roof restoration
Remove unsightly build up caused by grime and pollution
Prevent damaging mould and algae build up
A pre-sale roof clean will help sell your property faster
Add value to your home
A pre-painting roof clean will remove the impurities on your roof and increase the longevity of your new coat of paint
Make your roof look the best in the street
The roof area is the most prominent and important part of your house. Get your roof looking like new again and increase your property value by improving the appearance of your home.
It makes sense that if a surface is kept reasonably clean its life is considerably extended. I guess this why we look after our cars paintwork with all sorts of specialised products. Cars of course are relatively easy to keep clean compared to a roof though the principal is the same. Aqua Fresh are experienced at cleaning roofs it’s like water off a ducks back for us. Don’t leave it dirty have your roof cleaned periodically by an expert like Aqua Fresh Cleaning and have peace of mind knowing your roof is in good hands. Properly equipped with the latest pressure cleaning gear and experienced in handling any roof. Servicing all of Sunshine Coast, Brisbane. You can be guaranteed a roof cleaning job unlike any other.

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Roof Mould, Algae and Lichen Can Damage Your Roof

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