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Our homes are constantly exposed to harsh elements such as pollution, road dust, wind and rain. The moisture that stays on the roof becomes a breeding ground for unwanted formations of mould, mildew, moss, algae and lichen. In time, cracks form on the surface, and leaks and missing tiles develop because of the unsupervised growth.

Roofs are very versatile elements of a home because they can be wrought into different designs and can be made up of different materials. But one thing for certain is that like any other part of your home, constant cleaning is a must to have your property looking its very best.

Full Roof Cleaning Services

is the best thing you can do for your roof. It includes a full on surface and systems inspection of the roof, application of a commercial grade cleaning solution to kill the moss, algae, Gloeocapsa Magma infestations, lichens and other organic growths on the roof. It will immediately remove the black staining caused by Gloeocapsa Magma. we will do an all surface low pressure high volume rinsedown to remove all the dead organic material and debris after the cleaning solution is applied. We will then clean any gutters which require it. If any things are found during the inspection, we may recommend and perform minor preventative repairs while on the roof.

Don’t apply pressure cleaning on tiled roofs! A DIY power washing session can prove to be detrimental to your roof. A constant, heavy jet of water will likely do irreversible damage which makes your roof worse before you started cleaning it. The best solution is to hire a professional roof cleaners, one that utilises a Soft Washing System to clean your roof without damaging it.

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Aqua Fresh Cleaning is the best company to use Soft Wash Roof Cleaning in the greater Brisbane area and Sunshine Coast Surronds. We use a special method for low pressure soft wash cleaning along with a unique cleaning formula to remove any and all discolouration, debris and algae from your roof without resorting to extreme water pressure.

We pride on using a green, eco-friendly blended solution that was specifically made to target bad growths residing in your roof. This solution effectively achieves a 100 percent kill ratio on all moss roots, algae growth and mould living on your roof’s surface. In line with our advanced equipment and roof cleaning tools, all traces of unsightly grime, mould, moss and dirt are removed.

We take a highly detailed approach and take our jobs very seriously. This is why our customers are all satisfied with the level of roof cleaning services we provide!

Benefits of Our Roof Cleaning Services

Why would you need roof cleaning for your property? Take a look at some of the great benefits you can get when you hire our crew:

Unparalleled Safety

Care should be at the top of your mind whenever you’re working on great heights. In your effort and zeal to remove the dirt from your roof, you may misstep or slip, which can lead to accidents and health risks. Not having the proper tools and equipment can lead to increased risk for you and your home. Instead of taking the risk and not doing a great job at cleaning the roof, why not hire an experienced professional roof cleaner to do the job for you?

Improves Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Roof cleaning Brisbane invariably adds to the curb appeal of any home. Your property’s facade will be free of unsightly streaks and dirt marks. Curb appeal adds to the overall value of a property. A thorough, professional roof clean is one of the best ways you can upgrade the look of your home. Many realtors do consider the aesthetic appeal of a roof as part of the overall pricing of a house.

Avoid Unexpected Costs

Homeowners will find that they save more money when hiring a professional roof cleaner as compared to just letting their roof be at the mercy of the elements. The costs to clean present themselves in the long run. You save on expensive roof inspections, roof replacements and repairs when proper roof maintenance is neglected. Regular cleaning via Aqua Fresh Cleaning makes your roof look good and keeps it from falling into disrepair.

Sunshine Coast Roof Cleaning

Ultimate Care For Your Roof

Your roof may form holes and spots that cause the overall roof structure to be compromised. A damaged roof often leads to damaged interiors, because the cracks can extend to the walls and the moisture can enter the insides of your house. Don’t forget that a roof is one of the most important parts of your home that also needs proper care and maintenance!

The Best Value For Your Money

Aqua Fresh Cleaning offers the best roof cleaning at a very affordable price. Our roof cleaning technicians are prompt, friendly and are experienced, with many years of roof cleaning under their belts. What makes us different is that we pay special attention to detail and will not leave until your roof is restored to a new-like condition. Our cleaning equipment is the most advanced in the industry. Our methods have proven to be quick, efficient and satisfactory. We can provide a quote within minutes and have the best possible service completed in record time.


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