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High Pressure Cleaning Service Brisbane

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We provide the standard of pressure cleaning Brisbane home owners and businesses trust, offering a wide range of highly effective exterior pressure washing options to home owners and businesses – from basic driveway cleaning through to large scale commercial & industrial cleaning – we can handle jobs of all sizes all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We service the entire Greater Brisbane area – from Brisbane City, 4000, south to Logan, 4114 up to North Lakes, 4509 and all suburbs in between.

Competitive Power Washing Pricing in Brisbane

Aqua Fresh Cleaning Services Brisbane offers prices that are reasonable and affordable. Unfortunately it’s not possible to provide a standard service price on our website – for example ‘pressure cleaning Brisbane costs $150 for 30 square metres’ – as there are too many factors which influence the amount of work required to achieve the desired result. We strive to provide the most effective yet cost effective cleaning services in The River City and welcome the chance to provide you with a fast obligation free quote.

We are professional, dependable and efficient in all aspects of our business and strive to build a long term relationship with all of our clients. Call us now on 0434 126 852

From Simple Driveway Cleaning to Large Commercial Projects – We are Brisbane’s Pressure Washing Experts



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our power washing work with 100% guarantee – meaning if you’re not happy with the result, we’ll keep working on it until you are.

Professional & Licensed, Fully Insured

Aqua Fresh Cleaning is a professionally accredited & licensed pressure washing company carrying $20million liability insurance. We have the professional modern equipment necessary to handle all tasks large and small, ensuring all jobs meet exacting professional standards. Our proven methods pose ZERO RISK of damage to your property.

You can always rest assured that your job will be handled promptly, professionally and with expertise

Brisbane Owned & Operated

We’re a locally owned Brisbane company that proudly serves our community and delivers professional results.

Quality Guaranteed

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff stand behind our pressure washing service with a 100% guarantee.

Get A Free Pressure Cleaning Quote

We offer fast and free pressure cleaning quotes all over Brisbane. Give our team a call now on 0434 126 852 or fill out our online form and we’ll get in touch with you to arrange a quotation.

Our commercial grade hot and cold water temperature pressure washers in conjunction with our dedication to achieving outstanding results for our clients, has seen us become the market leading Brisbane pressure cleaning company.

Our pressure washing services can employ water sprayed from high or low pressures ranging from 50 psi to 4000 psi and are suitable for removing a wide range of stains, dirt, mould particles, mud, debris, grime, dust, oil stains, chewing gum and graffiti from interior and exterior surfaces like driveways, paved areas, patios, eaves, decking, tennis courtsroofs, fences, house exteriors, floors, car parking lots, pavements, concrete paths & walkways, bricks and more.

Every pressure cleaning service we complete throughout Brisbane is covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee – meaning if you’re not happy with the results, we’ll continue working on it until you are satisfied. We’re also fully licensed and carry public liability insurance up to $20 million for your peace of mind.

Our services are available throughout all suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, all year round and we welcome residential, commercial, industrial customers and schools to get in touch with us for a free quote.


exterior high pressure cleaning of building in Brisbane
Clayfield business pressure cleaning in progress by Aqua Fresh Cleaning

Brisbane’s Best Residential Pressure Washing Service

Whether you’re preparing your home for sale, a property manager needing a driveway pressure washed, a body corporate manager looking for a regular cleaning service, or your home’s exterior surfaces are in need of a good clean – we employ a range of power washing techniques to achieve outstanding results whilst ensuring there’s zero damage to your properties surfaces. For example, cleaning a concrete driveway that has grown mouldy in the high Brissie humidity requires water to be sprayed at pressure levels of between 3,000 – 4,00 PSI to completely remove the ingrained pollutants, whereas lower water PSI pressures are required for painted fences and other exterior surfaces to reduce the chances of damaging the finish.

Just some of the benefits of our residential services for Brisbane locals include:

  • Vastly improve the street appeal of your home
  • Remove health issue causing pollutants like mildew & mould
  • Reduce slipping hazards caused by moss, algae, driveway oil & grease

Our commercial grade machinery provides the best possible result for Brisbane homeowners – even if you’ve unsuccessfully attempted to clean a surface yourself, our equipment can achieve in excess of double the PSI of your average domestic cleaner available from retail stores like Bunnings.

When required, we’ll also incorporate the correct water pressure with an appropriate, environmentally friendly detergent to completely kill any bacterial or organic growths.

pavers pressure cleaning in Hendra, Brisbane, QLD.

Brisbane’s Best Commercial, Industrial & Body Corporate Pressure Washing

The team at Aqua Fresh Cleaning regularly provide pressure cleaning services to commercial industrial and body corporate clients in Brisbane. We understand the importance of maintaining a well presented and hygienic workplace and are equipped with an extensive range of commercial power washing equipment to handle jobs of all sizes. To minimise the disruption to your business, we are available to complete jobs outside of business hours if required.

We have the skills, experience and equipment to handle commercial & industrial cleaning projects of all sizes including:

  • Car Parks
  • Buildings Facades
  • Construction sites
  • Service Stations
  • Factory Cleaning
  • Warehouse Cleaning
  • Shade Sails
  • Machinery
  • Workshop Floors
  • Chewing Gum Removal
  • Maintenance Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Building Washing
  • Insurance Work
  • Graffiti Removal & more.

Whether you require a one off pressure cleaning service or scheduled cleaning maintenance – Aqua Fresh Cleaning is up to the job.

Albion, Brisbane pressure cleaning project

School Grounds Pressure Washing

We can assist schools all over Brisbane to maintain clean, safe & hygienic school grounds. We’re meticulous when it comes to school pressure cleaning services and are able to thoroughly clean any exterior service including concrete floors & walls, build exteriors, sporting surfaces and roofs.

Unfortunately Brisbane schools are a regular target for graffiti – we have the right equipment and the know how to quickly remove all types of graffiti from a range of surfaces. We can also get rid of the chewing gum stuck to surfaces with our hot water high pressure washing service.

To avoid disruptions, we are able to complete school pressure washing services outside of business hours and on weekends if needed.

Aqua Fresh Cleaning Commercial Building Exterior in Brisbane CBD

Our Brisbane Power Washing Services

proof of our pressure cleaning service's effectiveness

Brisbane Driveway Cleaning Service

Dirty, stained driveways are no match for our pressure cleaning equipment. We use appropriate pressures and, in some cases, detergents to remove all ingrained dirt, grime and organic growths – leaving your driveway looking like new. To achieve a brand new appearance, we also offer the convenience of driveway sealing & driveway painting services – learn more about driveway cleaning in Brisbane.

proof of our house washing results

Brisbane House Washing Service

Like your roof, the exterior of your home is constantly exposed to environmental pollutants. Our exterior house cleaning service, commonly known as house washing, is one of our most popular pressure washing services in Brisbane. We use a softwash technique to ensure your home looks great with zero damage to your paint or other finishes which is suitable for modern brick & rendered finishes through to classic Queenslander style timber cladding.  Learn more about house washing in Brisbane.

pressure cleaned and sealed concrete

Brisbane Concrete Cleaning & Sealing Service

Concrete is the ideal surface for pressure cleaning as it can typically handle very high levels of water pressure without sustaining any signs of damage. We regularly pressure clean concrete throughout all areas of Brisbane including car parks, warehouse floors, industrial complexes, sheds and more. We also offer a range of concrete sealing options to protect and enhance your newly cleaned surfaces.

Side by side comparison of our roof cleaning service

Brisbane Roof Cleaning Service

Roofs on Brisbane houses are constantly exposed to extreme climatic conditions including high rainfall and extreme humidity levels. Our roof cleaning service uses safe water pressures and environmentally friendly cleaning agents to remove mould, algae, dirt and more – leaving your roof looking great whilst preserving its lifespan. Learn more about our roof cleaning service.

commercial graffiti removal

Brisbane Graffiti Removal Service

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have been a victim of vandals, our graffiti pressure cleaning service is available with fast response times anywhere in Brisbane. We’ll use the appropriate water pressures and safe detergents to remove graffiti from your home, business or school fast – learn more about our graffiti removal service.

before and after pressure cleaning tennis court

Brisbane Tennis Court Cleaning Service

We take great care when pressure cleaning tennis courts for Brisbane homeowners – using the appropriate PSI and specially formulated detergents to remove all types of dirt without damaging the playing surface – learn more about our tennis court cleaning service.

What To Look For in a Brisbane Pressure Cleaning Service


Are They Insured?

Unfortunately there are inexperienced companies operating in Brisbane. Whilst pressure washing may seem like a simple and straightforward job – there’s a number of things that can go wrong if done by a company who doesn’t know what they’re doing including damage to your exterior finishes, water damage and more. We’re one of the most experienced pressure cleaning Brisbane providers and are covered by $20 million in public liability insurance should any unexpected damage or injury occur.


Do They Offer a Guarantee?

As mentioned, there’s some cowboy operators in Brisbane who don’t stand by their work – leaving you out of pocket and with a sub standard result. Aqua Fresh Cleaning gives our customers the piece of mind of a 100% satisfaction guarantee meaning if you’re not happy with the results, we’ll keep cleaning until you are.


What Chemicals Do They Use?

Whilst not required for all Brisbane pressure cleaning jobs, in some cases chemicals like detergents will be necessary for thoroughly cleaning a surface. We’ve heard of some companies in Brisbane that use products which contain Methylene Chloride – a known carcinogen and one of the most toxic chemicals on the planet. We’ll only ever use non toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning detergents that pose no risk to you, your families or your customers health.


What Equipment Do They Use?

Quite often, other Brisbane companies will base their quotes off of how many hours they estimate will be required to complete the job. If the pressure cleaning provider you hire uses insufficiently sized machines it’s going to take them longer to complete and ultimately cost you more money. We own a range of petrol and diesel powered  machines which include low to high pressure, up to 4000psi, and hot and cold water to achieve the best and safest results for your surface.


Are They Experienced?

Pressure cleaning isn’t as simple as turning on the machine and pointing the nozzle at the dirt – it takes years of experience to understand the appropriate types of pressure to use for different surfaces. We’ve been providing pressure cleaning Brisbane wide for over a decade and have happy customers all over the River City who trust us to clean their homes and businesses.

Why Choose Us?

At Aqua Fresh we’re committed to providing Brisbane residents and businesses with the very highest standards of customer service. We provide competitive prices, show up on time and clean up after ourselves to stay ahead of the competition. Our values of honesty, transparency and good old fashioned customer service has seen us grow into one of the largest pressure cleaning companies in The River City, having completed thousands of cleaning projects over the years. 

Whether you’re a home or business owner looking for a one off service, or a commercial property requiring regular cleaning services – get in touch with us today to request a fast and free quote anywhere in Brisbane. 

Brisbane pressure cleaning professional

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of pressure cleaning in Brisbane varies depending on a number of variables such as size of the area, accessibility, surface to be cleaned and more. We’re more than happy to provide you with an obligation free quote for all pressure cleaning jobs anywhere in Brisbane.

Typically high pressure cleaning is best used for concrete, brick and other hard surfaces. We take great care not to damage the exterior finishes of your home or business premises and never use high pressure on wood or other less durable surfaces.

Definitely, we welcome pressure cleaning jobs of all sizes – from small driveways through to large industrial complexes and everywhere in between. Get in touch with us now to request a quote anywhere in Brisbane.

We provide our high pressure cleaning Brisbane wide – as far as the Sunshine Coast in the North, to the Gold Coast in the South, out west to Ipswich and everywhere in between.

Yes, Aqua Fresh Cleaning carries $20million in liability insurance for your peace of mind. Our expert Brisbane pressure cleaning team have years of experience in cleaning a wide variety of surfaces and are 100% confident that our pressure cleaning approach will not damage your property in any way.

Yes! We can complete pressure cleaning jobs of all sizes including large building facades, carparks, warehouses and more.

In addition to our pressing cleaning service we also offer: Concrete Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning, Driveway Sealing, Driveway Painting, Roof Painting and House washing services. We consistently deliver only the highest quality workmanship and an unparalleled level of excellence in customer service to businesses, homeowners and property managers throughout Brisbane.

Our Pressure Washing Services

These are just a few of the clients who trust us to provide them with high quality, professional service

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