Professional Concrete Cleaning Brisbane

Industrial Warehouse and Concrete Cleaning

Professional Concrete Cleaning Brisbane

Aqua Fresh Cleaning Services are your local concrete cleaning specialists in Brisbane. Cleaning your concrete will always make your business or home look neat and clean. Our hot water cleaning methods will keep your concrete nice and bright for a longer period of time vs traditional cold water cleaning methods. Using our large high powered surface cleaners, we can clean any size concrete job you have! We also offer gum and rust removal services. 

An aid to dirty concrete is on the way! Aqua Fresh Cleaning helps our customers solidify their reputation and property condition with our surface cleaning solutions.

You’ve probably walked on countless hardscapes that have failed to impress. But when the hardscapes in question are on your property, you have the power to fight back.

Our team comes to you with a pressure cleaning system capable of:

  • Removing chewing gum
  • Eliminating stains and dirt
  • Removing grease, oil, and other heavy build-up

Aqua Fresh Cleaning utilizes an affective concrete cleaning solution to enhance curb appeal, harness long-term quality, and improve safety.

With Aqua Fresh Cleaning, beautiful concrete isn’t the goal: It’s the guarantee.


We use an advanced pressure cleaning system to protect your property for the long term.


  • Driveway cleaning
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Dumpster pad cleaning
  • Car park cleaning
  • Warehouse cleaning

With powerful cleaning agents and the best pressure washing in Brisbane, there’s no stain too stubborn, and no dirt too embedded. There’s only the potential for “like new” surfaces. 

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