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We Use Specially Treated De-ionised Water That Doesn’t Harm Your Solar Panels


Aqua Fresh Cleaning Services are your local solar panel cleaning specialists in Brisbane. Our experienced team of solar panel cleaning experts use proven cleaning methods to thoroughly clean your solar panels without causing damage.

Solar panels are booming in popularity across Brisbane and South East Queensland as more home owners realise the cost saving benefits of investing in solar power. However, without proper cleaning and maintenance, your solar panels will not function to their full potential, meaning you’ll pay more for your electricity.

Aqua Fresh uses a special water purification system that distils and de-ionizes tap water onsite, which means no soaps or chemicals are required.

Solar panels that are not regularly cleaned using the right equipment can suffer a dramatically shorter lifespan and also lose up to 25% of their energy generating potential.


Rain won’t clean your solar panels just as rain won’t clean your car


What Makes My Panels Dirty?

  • Dirt and Dust
  • Smog and Ash
  • Moss and Fungus
  • Mineral Deposits From Tap Water
  • Sap and Debris From Trees
  • Bird Droppings
  • Crystallising Ocean Salts
  • Pesticides and Other Chemical Sprays
  • Road and Car Pollution


Why Should You Clean Your Solar Panels?

  • Maintain Your Investment
  • Ensure Maximum Output = Maximum Savings
  • Guarantee The Life Of Your Investment
  • Ensure Your Warranty Is Not Voided
  • Minimize The Risk Of Fire and Corrosion


Why Aqua Fresh Cleaning Should Clean Your Solar Panels?

  • Professional, Trained and Insured Tradespeople
  • Highest Safety Standards
  • Instant Quote & Appointment Setting
  • Superior Clean With Distilled & De-Ionized systems
  • Protect Your Solar Panels From Harmful Detergents & Chemicals
  • We Specialise In Solar Cleaning

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