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Tennis Court Cleaning Brisbane


No Damage Soft Wash Tennis Court Cleaning!!!


Tennis court cleaning services are usually performed to remove the unsightly mould and mildew from the courts and to reduce the potential slip hazard. This cleaning was traditionally performed using pressure washers. However, Aqua Fresh recognises that acrylic courts are delicate and have a specific amount of grit integrated into the surface to affect the quality of play as well as slip resistance for safety purposes. The use of pressure to clean these surfaces not only reduces the service life of the court but also reduces the quality of play. Furthermore, traditional pressure washing techniques result in unsightly pressure washer lines affecting the visual appearance of the court. Therefore, Aqua Fresh has incorporated our professional expertise in non pressure cleaning methods to provide the highest quality tennis court cleaning service.


Our Soft-wash system removes mould, algae and other stains, to enhance your playing surfaces while providing a cleaner, safer environment for those using the facilities. Soft-wash lasts up to 5 times longer than a traditional high pressure clean, creating no damage to the surface and using up to 70% less water.
We use bio degradable solutions and the remaining particles are washed away with a low pressure watering system. Our advanced cleaning systems leave you with a clean, solid court, free of surface damage. You can depend on Aqua Fresh for high quality results when we clean your tennis court.


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