“That’s our roof!  When I was looking for a quote, the lady went on line to nearmap and asked me if ours was the apricot coloured one.  I said , it was the grey roofed house. Can you see how wrong I was?  Only 8 years of dirt and mould hid the colour.  What a great job Aquafresh did for us using no chemicals.  They also did the driveway which was the dirtiest in the street. We are about to put in solar and Aquafresh are accredited with cleaning the solar panels too so we can get the fullest effect. Thanks Dylan and Steve for a great job.”

Christine Barlow

“Great work!!!  Great rates!!!  What a result!!!  Thanks!!!”

Daniel Vincent

“Highly recommend: before and after shots on my FB page.”

Linda Kennedy


“He also did the house next door. Very professional and friendly. Have recommended him to our caretakers at our 300 villa resort. Sure he will get a lot of work here.”

Ken Lee

“Polite, punctual, and professional young men”

Rhonda Freeman